We’ve listened to your feedback and have built a virtual function into the app. Now you can use Run & Rule when you’re on the treadmill at home or at the gym, and apply the steps you take on the treadmill to claim your virtual territory outdoors.

No more having to deal with rain, hail or too much sunshine. Be a Ruler from the comfort of your own air-conditioned castle.

It’s so easy. Just select ‘virtual’ BEFORE you go for your walk or run. Hint: it’s the purple icon!

Virtual Rule screenshot

Then do your walk or run as usual. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be prompted to ‘assign’ your Rule somewhere. Hint: this is the fun part where you can plot to take over land from your husband, bestie, or complete stranger. Just move the map to where you think there is an enemy Rule, search for Rules and place your orange circle (your new virtual Rule) over their land.

Run & Rule virtual takeover 1

Then hit ‘Assign’ and voila! You’ve virtually Ruled over someone’s territory. Of course, you don’t have to take over other people’s land, but by golly it’s more fun if you do!

Run & Rule virtual takeover 2

So next time it’s looking too rainy, or too hot, or too wintery, just do your workout indoors and apply your steps to your Rule virtually. Think of the land you could Rule from your gym!

Check it out here in the app.

Happy Ruling!