We all know exercise becomes just that little harder in the winter. Keeping your motivation levels up while it’s cold, wet and dark can be a big ask. Even the fittest, most motivated people can find it challenging to keep a consistent exercise routine all year round. But, if there’s one thing that’s for sure, those who do keep a consistent regime during the winter, have one key thing in common – the right mindset.

But what does that really mean? Well, we’ve got a few tips to help you be mentally prepared to exercise in the winter.

  1. Welcome the cold weather

Tell yourself that the cold is good for you. It makes you stronger! It separates the winners from the whiners and you belong to the winner’s side! You must create a positive mindset about the cold weather and this in turn will help to motivate you.

  1. Prepare for it

Set things up in advance. Lay out your workout gear before you go to bed, or before you head off to work in the morning, depending on when you prefer to exercise. Another great way to prepare is to create a new playlist on your phone with songs that put a pep in your step.

  1. Post your activity on social media

Posting updates about your progress is a sure-fire way to keep motivated. Those friends and family of yours who are also working out during the winter months can be your very own online support team, each of you encouraging the other to get out and get active. They will be great to keep you in check and get you back on track if you miss a day or two.

  1. Buy some winter-appropriate workout gear

Making a specific effort to go down and buy yourself some new gear catered to the winter months is a great way to help you get out there and stay active when it’s cold and wet. You don’t need to spend a fortune, just something simple like a new pair of skins to keep you warm, a weatherproof jacket or maybe some gloves to stop your fingers from freezing over on your walk, run or bike ride.

  1. Give yourself a pat on the back

Remind yourself that exercising regularly is a great achievement. You deserve to treat yourself to something a little special as reward for your efforts. This reward will be different for each of us, depending on what you enjoy. You can give yourself an internal reward such as an extra 20 minutes meditating and reflecting on your achievement or you can give yourself an external reward buy buying something you’ve had you’re eye on for a while. If you’re exercising in the winter, you deserve it!